Finally! The only script you'll need and a 1-on-1 phone call with Mark Allan Groleau

You're running out of time. Writing the script has become too overwhelming. You thought it would be easier than it's turned out to be. Which is why you waited until now.
Now you’re worried about messing this up and reflecting badly on your couple. They’ve trusted you with so much!
Copying and pasting a script together from wherever on the internet isn’t inspiring your confidence. But neither is staring at a blinking cursor and a blank screen trying to think of something to write from scratch. 
How are you supposed to know what will work and what won’t when it’s your first time?

Can you imagine...

  • Delivering your wedding with a vetted professional script. No more staring at a blank screen or pasting jargon from the internet. Everything you need to say is right there at your fingertips.
  • Knowing that your ceremony works. From the elements to the transitions to your speech, you understand how everything fits together and you perform with pride.
  • Walking into the wedding day with 100% confidence. You're not scared, you're excited. Because you got personal on-the-phone guidance with a full-time pro.

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. I know, because I help stressed-out first-timers feel amazing and ready every weekend!

Good news: I know what works and what doesn't. And I'll help you right away.

I’m Mark Allan Groleau, a full-time pro who does this every weekend. I have a killer script and I use it at every wedding. And I want to share every word of it with you.

That’s right: I’ll send you my own full professional wedding script – including my secret sauce: a full couple’s story! Then I’ll jump on a 1-on-1 coaching call to help you with all the details and make sure you’re 110% ready.

Doesn't matter how much or how little time you have. We can do it as soon as tomorrow. I want you to nail this! Even if you did procrasticate a little. Okay, a lot.

No one will be able to tell. Because wth my help, you will crush this. 


When you grab my proven Unboring script and coaching call quick help...
...You copy my script, adapt it, tweak it, swap in your couple’s names, and make it yours.

Next thing you know: you’ve got a vetted, professional ceremony script that works.

...And you'll know it works because it’s used and adapted by a pro and hundreds of other first-time officiants and celebrants the world over! Say goodbye to your worries with a professional, vetted script and a coaching call. What’s mine is yours – and you take all the credit!

"Mark, I can say for sure that without finding you, it would have been a mediocre and fumbling affair. But with your quick-strike package, I was looking like a pro and couldn't have felt more satisfied after the ceremony.  You really gave me a gift with the time you spent and the work you've done making this system available to all the amateur officiants out there.  Thank you!"

- Louis, uncle of the bride and first-time officiant

So, what exactly do you get with this quick help package anyway?

When you purchase, you'll create a login to access the quick tools you need to create your own script fast.

In your new quick help dashboard, you’ll instantly access

  • My full Pro Script embedded with helpful tips and links in the margins so you know how it works.
  • A 20-minute script training video where I walk you through the 10 parts of the script so you understand how to tailor it to your couple.
  • My Key Moments planning sheet that helps you identify crucial ceremony details you can't overlook.
  • A 10-minute planning training video where I walk you through the few questions you need to ask your couple.
  • My Love Story Guide that shows you exactly what you need to say for your officiant speech.
  • A 2-part story writing video where I teach you all the best practices for writing your couple's love story and inserting it into your script.

No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No more fear of wasting your time and effort. Just the straightforward quick help you need to ace this.

Here's how the 4 steps of your script and coaching package break down...


You don't have time to start a script from scratch, but you don't want to copy and paste strange-sounding wording either. This is the perfect balance.

Your script quick help includes:

  • Mark's own full pro script with all the wording, elements, and transitions you can use for your own ceremony. You don't need to make anything up.
  • Tips and tricks in the margins with advice explanations, and links to Mark's YouTube videos and articles if you want to dive deeper on any specifics. No wondering what to do or why.
  • Mark's script walkthrough video to make adapting and understanding the script a total breeze! You'll be a master of this script and the ceremony.


It's not your job to be a wedding planner, but there are a few crucial elements you just need to know. This is the essential list.

Your planning quick help includes:

  • Mark's easy-to use "key moments" spreadsheet stripped down just for this quick help package. Don't know what you don't know? Not anymore because everything is listed.
  • Details broken down so you can simply copy your couple's preferences into the script. Every detail in the tool matches the script. 
  • Mark's planning walkthrough video where he teaches you which ceremony details you can't afford not to know. They call the shots so you're confident they'll love what you do.


You need to say something as the wedding officiant. Decide to tell the love story or use just some of Mark's Unboring formula for a winning speech.

Your officiant speech help includes:

  • Mark's famous 3-step love story formula so you can write a 3-act narrative that wows your couple and their guests. Survey your couple or use what you know already.
  • The story writing guide with questions for your couple and ideas for you to follow. Use 'em all or just a few.
  • An exclusive story writing training video with all Mark's Unboring speech secrets so you can get this done fast and well. Long or short speech - whichever is best for you!


When you're ready, you'll schedule a call with Mark at a time that works for you. 

Your 1-on-1 call quick help includes:

  • Mark reads your finished draft and prepares helpful pointers and feedback
  • Mark calls you for a voice chat at your preferred number or via internet.
  • You ask questions about anything and everything you're unsure about.
  • You and Mark go over the script together  page by page to make sure every detail is taken care of.
  • You remain in contact with Mark all the way until the wedding day if something changes or more questions come up.

I always follow up with my coaching clients. Here are just a few of their rave Monday-after reviews:

Dana, friend of the bride

“Mark, the ceremony was amazing. The bride and groom were over the moon with the ceremony and were so pleased with the personal touches. I had a number of friends approach me afterwards saying that the ceremony was personal, touching, very much like the couple, and that I looked like a professional. Even the groom's parents were pleased with it, which was huge because they wanted a religious ceremony at the beginning of this journey. All in all, I felt great, and I am so happy that I had your coaching in pulling it together. It was a wonderful experience for me, and for the couple. Thank you so much!”

Glen, father of the bride

“Mark, I spent the whole reception of my daughter's wedding getting compliments for the ceremony I created from your coaching. Many people told me it was the best wedding ceremony they’ve ever witnessed. And I got 4 offers to perform weddings for other couples when the time comes. All were shocked that this was my first wedding officiating. It was the best gift I could give my daughter and her new husband. Thank you again for the amazing coaching!”

Tom, best friend of the groom

“Mark, I appreciate your time and help which pulled the ceremony together for me at the last minute. Your joke about not forgetting to take pics of the groom was a great start and got a big laugh. Broke the ice marvellously. One person said she had been to many weddings this year and my performance was the best one. Another of the many people who didn't know it was my first time officiating commented that they couldn't believe it was my first time doing this. It was a great experience. And, if I ever need to perform another ceremony, I know I'll be able to. Your coaching made an overwhelming thing seem doable by breaking things down into simple steps.”

Matt, friend of the groom

“It went exceptionally well! There were laughs, tears and many who said, 'Well done!' and 'That's the best ceremony I've ever been to!' I even had a comment from a guy whose mom is a pro officiant - he said it was better than any of hers. Safe to say the bride and groom were ecstatic - people thought I was a paid pro! Thank you SO much for your services - you made it all simple, calculated, and stress-free!”

This Script and Coaching Quick Help Comes With Our 14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee
My help is guaranteed to do just that. Give you the help you need. If you think that my full pro script and coaching, well… didn’t help, just let me know within 14 days of purchase and I’ll give you your money back. You don’t pay for something you didn’t get!
  • Instant access to all the tools and videos in your own login dashboard!
  • My full pro wedding ceremony script becomes your full professional wedding ceremony script. ($49 value)
  • Exclusive Love-Story Writing Guide and video training. ($99 value)
  • Fast planning tool and video to help you identify key ceremony details. ($99 value)
  • I call you on the phone for a 1-on-1 coaching conversation. ($199 value)
  • I read over your adapted ceremony draft from start to finish.
  • Every one of your questions gets answered. We're not done until you're ready.
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee or full refund!
USD $197.00
'Still got questions? Just email Mark at [email protected]!
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