How? I’m going to teach your friend or relative my step-by-step blueprint that will fully prepare them to stand in front of your nearest-and-dearest with total confidence, wow you to laughs and happy tears, and thrill your guests with a rousing ceremony all about… you!
Yes, the person you’ve asked to create and deliver your wedding is someone you love and trust… but they’ve never done it before.
It feels like the most uncertain part of your wedding day.
A lot of brides and grooms try to prevent their friend from being dull and awkward and lost – by stepping in.
They’re already so busy planning their wedding, and then they take on the researching and writing and sending their officiant scripts and templates they dig up from here and there.
But you don’t know much about this stuff either – how to guide your loved one through the details. Or how to make the ceremony personal. Or what to look for when it comes to the stage directions and the moving parts and the starting and ending of a wedding ceremony and what to rehearse so it all goes smoothly….
A downloaded “here-ya-go” script doesn’t come close to helping a first-time officiant feel proud and confident and 100% prepared for the wedding day.
It doesn’t exactly inspire any excitement in you, either.
Of course, the alternative is: just let ’em figure it out on their own. Then you can either hover like a helicopter parent keeping tabs on their progress… or just stay out of it, keeping your fingers crossed and hoping they do okay.


Every week I get emails from panicked and overwhelmed friends and relatives who’ve been asked to write and conduct a wedding for the first time. “Help! I don’t know what to do!”
They tell me how terrified they are. But they don’t want to bother their happy couple with that burden.
That means you probably have no idea how nervous and uncertain your first-time officiant is really feeling.
But I sure know the feeling.
When I started out as a new officiant and nervously walked up there for those first few weddings – hands shaking and knees weak – I yearned for the confidence that what I was about to deliver was any good for my couple.
I didn’t have that confidence. It took dozens of ceremonies.
But you? You can help your officiant bypass all those mistakes and all that uncertainty and skip right to the Awe-Inspiring…
You can skip the stress of wondering if your officiant is ready or knows what they’re doing…
…by tapping into a full-time pro’s years of experience and hundreds of electrifying weddings.
I’ve created for you the program I wished existed when I started out with all those questions and worries and fears as a new officiant.
Unboring!Wedding Academy is the full online course that teaches your friend or relative step-by-step exactly how to write and deliver the kind of unboring wedding ceremony you’ve only dreamed of having!
From your officiant expertly guiding your ceremony planning meeting to sending you down the aisle just-married, you’ll be totally confident they’ve got this handled. They’ll know exactly how to build a fun and riveting ceremony. They’ll know what to expect at every stage – down to the last detail.
And here’s the best part: you’ll know your officiant is working with me on writing and delivering a smashing wedding ceremony, so: goodbye, stress!
And you’ll be so excited to get down the aisle and see what they’ve created for you on your wedding day.
How do I know?
Because I hear back from first-time officiants every weekend. The hundreds of first-time Unboring!Wedding Academy course grads report that their couple was over the moon!
It’s time to stop hoping for “a decent ceremony” and raise the bar! Get ready for your officiant to 100% overdeliver – with laughs and tears and all the feels. You’ll be able to say, “Our unboring wedding ceremony got the celebration started. It was truly one of the very best parts of our day!”


Unboring!Wedding Academy is packed with everything your loved one needs to do this like a pro – even if it’s their very first time!
There are dozens and dozens of little details for your officiant to know and remember if they’re not gonna mess up your ceremony. Here’s just some of what I’m gonna teach them:
  • Write your love story in less than three hours with a proven formula. It’s the centrepiece of the wedding and will leave everyone raving that it was the “best ceremony ever!”
  • Collecting too much information from you means drowning in information; getting too little means having nothing to work with. Five simple questions are the sweet spot for them to write the ultimate officiant speech for your ceremony.
  • What never to do in the wedding rehearsal. (If they get this wrong, you and your wedding party won’t feel as confident as you could.)
  • Write and edit your script with Google docs. Sharing an online document together reduces email fatigue and text-message clutter for you and your officiant.
  • Asking you a dozen or even half-a-dozen questions is too many. My simple 5-question survey means your officiant gets all the data they need to write your incomparable ceremony.
  • Use the Unboring!Wedding Formula and write a guaranteed incredible ceremony in 5 writing sessions instead of weeks. From your planning meeting to their final draft, 5 concise sit-downs will save your officiant hours of guesswork.
  • the one thing your officiant can do to rescue the moment. Have no fear If something goes wrong during the ceremony.
  • The perfect unboring wedding ceremony means your officiant having multiple meetings and time-consuming conversations with you, right? Wrong! Just one hour-long meeting is all they need when it’s done right.
  • The truth about wedding vows. It’s not rocket science, and you only need these three options and one fill-in-the-blank.
  • The single most important piece of advice to give everyone who is walking down the aisle. You’ll thank them for a perfect processional.
  • Three things they need to tell you in your ceremony planning session. They’ll skyrocket your trust in them from that moment to your wedding day.
  • The secret about interviewing you that most officiants don’t know. It will unlock the magic in your love story the way nothing else can.
  • Better than a canned script. A single meeting using my proven spreadsheet allows your officiant to build the ultimate custom ceremony with you.
  • What never to wear as an officiant. (Better they hear it from me than you.)
  • Do they know the 10 details to look for and practice at the wedding rehearsal? These will make or break your ceremony.
  • The reasons why they need to read their entire script out loud before the wedding. Don’t, and they’ll never catch these three crucial blindspots.
  • The secret to breaking the ice with your guests. Get them all relaxed and excited from the moment they start talking in the ceremony.
  • Do they know the 4 things they need to check when they arrive? guarantee that the ceremony runs smoothly.
  • The Four Proven Parts of an Unboring Ceremony Speech:
An opening setup that grabs your guests’ attention and puts them on the edge of their seat;
A 3-act love story that covers three pivotal moments in your history together;
The ‘love-about’ section: the icing on the cake that makes everyone laugh and happy-cry;
A rousing closing that transitions seamlessly into the next elements of your ceremony.


“We had the best wedding ceremony ever! How do we know? Because everybody told us so!”

— Trevor and Jennifer

“My husband and I are still so over the moon about the amazing ceremony we had for our big day. I think every single guest came up to us at one point to tell us that the ceremony is the best ceremony they have ever been to. The entire process was so organized, making it one less thing to worry about while planning. I could go on and on about how amazing our experience was. Weddings should be fun and exciting. Ours definitely was! We are so thrilled. Starting off with an 'unboring wedding' is the ONLY way to go!”

— Julie and Ryan

“Mark made it so easy for my husband and I to feel completely stress-free about everything - and confident in the process. Everyone was complimenting us on the ceremony for days afterwards. All of our guests were all in total awe of how fun, personal, romantic and moving everything was! My husband and I could not have imagined it going any more magical than it did... and it's all thanks to Mark.”

— Liron and Matt

“Mark makes the whole process a breeze and thinks of every small detail to help you craft the most wonderful, romantic and personal ceremony. Something so perfectly matched, just for you. Our wedding was a month ago and our guests are still raving about how unique our ceremony was. We can't say enough good things!”

— Jenny and Scott

“Our ceremony was personal, funny and touching. Every one of our guests loved it! We received so many calls and compliments the next day, letting us know the ceremony was one of the best speeches and weddings they had been to in a long time. Our ceremony one of the best experiences at our wedding.”

— Marie and Steve


After I came through the brutal learning curve and learned a ton from trial and error, I came to love officiating weddings.
I decided I wanted to do it a lot, so I created for myself a style and a system that I could follow and replicate week-in and week-out.
The result: I started getting rave reviews from amazed couples and wedding guests every weekend.
I got booked solid. I had couples flying me out to officiate their weddings.
I had officiants asking me how I did it.
But here’s the thing. I can only be in one place at one time.
So I started sharing my style and my system with the world.
Here’s what’s happened: couples and first-time officiants from Milwaukee to Melbourne are feeling the relief and the thrill of a guaranteed unboring ceremony with personal professional guidance.
Your officiant starts at Step One: my ceremony-planning spreadsheet, learning how to expertly guide you through a one-hour ceremony planning meeting. Then they just follow my steps from there to bring it all together.
  • Login 24/7 (all digital with downloadable tools, templates, and samples) so they can work on what they want, when they want.
  • Literally step-by-step from the first planning session to the end goal so they know every box is getting ticked.
  • Every tool I use in my professional process so they never have to look at a blank screen and agonize over what to write.
  • My ceremony planning spreadsheet, email copy, couple survey forms, full ceremony script, story worksheet, etc. so they never have to invent anything or guess at what works.
It’s full support for them, and full relief for you.
Send them on the journey of expertly building your ceremony in the next few minutes. The moment you purchase, you get a login link to forward to your officiant. They get immediate full access to the style and the system that will awe you, thrill your guests, and take you from worried about your ceremony… to full-on excited about it!
Stage One: Conduct a Thorough Workshop
  • Exactly how they can conduct a one-hour brainstorm/planning session with you.
Stage Two: Create a Clear Script
  • Exactly how to put together a clear, “movie-style” script to share with you.
Stage Three: Build a Concise Storyboard
  • Exactly how to build a concise storyboard with all the data and intel they’ll need to write an awesome ceremony story – about you!
Stage Four: Write a Moving Story
  • Exactly how to write a fun and moving story that will thrill you and wow your guests!
Stage Five: Run an Assertive Rehearsal
  • Exactly how to run a tight and fun rehearsal.
Stage Six: Officiate a Relaxed Ceremony
  • How to be a relaxed and confident presence on the wedding day.
Bonus One: Samples
  • Sample Vows, Scripts, and Stories to copy and adapt.
Bonus Two: Video Demo
  • Story Reading Demonstration: I read one of my full signature stories to give them a sense of the pacing and tone.
Bonus Three: Checklists
  • Workflow and Rehearsal Checklists to make sure they don’t miss any details!
Bonus Four: Email Copy
  • Email Copy to copy/paste all the emails they’ll ever need to send in the ceremony creation process!
Bonus Five: Facebook Group
  • Private, Members-Only Facebook Group to jump into the Unboring!Officiant community for some love and support!
VIP Bonus Six: Private Coaching
  • Personal 1-on-1 Coaching: A read-over and a 30-minute coaching call with me!


The average cost of a wedding in North America is over $30,000.
I don’t need to tell you that.
That means right this minute you’re probably spending at least $5,000, maybe $10,000, or most likely over $30,000 making sure every detail of your wedding day is perfect for everyone.
Here’s the million-dollar question:
How much is it worth to have a smashing, unboring wedding ceremony that totally complements your thirty-thousand-dollar wedding day?
$1500? $750?
That’s where Unboring!Wedding Academy comes in – and it comes down to way less than that.
My one-of-a-kind, 100%-proven, save-you-hours-and-knock-your-socks-off system is regularly priced at only $597.
But for friends of Christy and Michelle and The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, Unboring!Wedding Academy is all yours for half of that. That’s just $297.00!
$297.00 for the only online course for new wedding officiants that guarantees they’ll not only not botch it, but absolutely crush it on your wedding day? Yep!
Click below, take action today, and get started immediately. You, your officiant, and everyone at your wedding will be overjoyed that you did!


“I officiated my first wedding this weekend! The couple was thrilled with the ceremony. The course and all of the info made it so easy. I got compliments from nearly half of the guests ranging from 'You’re a professional' to 'You should run for Congress' to 'I’ve been to a ton of weddings but this was the best ceremony I’ve ever seen!' I couldn’t believe that people actually enjoyed it enough to come out of their way to tell me. It was such an amazing experience - I’m so glad that I said yes to this! Again, thanks to Mark for all of the help and advice.”

— Ally Dubrosky, First-Time Officiant

“The parents and guests raved about the ceremony. I was able to be super prepared thanks to Mark Allan Groleau's Unboring!Wedding Academy course. Thank you! Best investment I ever made!”

— Ebony Mzila, First-Time Officiant

“I spoke with the bride and groom a couple of days after, and they said that people are still coming up to them talking about that ceremony and how good it was. Nobody could believe it was my very first ceremony. Thanks again for making me look like a pro!”

— Dana Crouse, father of the bride


“Unboring!Wedding Academy changed my life.”

— Kathryn Rowan Lischerelli, Friend of the Couple, First-Time Officiant

“Not only does Mark provide an incredibly clear, comprehensive and thoughtful guide to help officiate an amazing wedding, he does it with a very accessible, easy-to-understand, step-step-step plan. He really does take rookies and makes them pros!”

— Christa Hesselink, nonprofit exec

“I performed my first wedding with confidence and it was far beyond expectations! Mark's course took my fear away because it gave me the tools to excel. Even better, I received rave reviews and on-the-spot positive feedback. Thank you, Mark and Unboring!Wedding Academy - you showed me how to get the party started!”

— Elizabeth Phillips, newly-professional officiant

“My first wedding was a huge success! Everything was perfect. Lots of laughs, a few tears (none by me!) and many guests coming up later to say how much they loved it. The script was perfect....so personal. Everybody was so pleased. I appreciate you took the time to call and coach me last week. I made all the changes you recommended and it was perfect. Much gratitude!”

— Rebecca Thompson, Newly-Professional Officiant

“I was told by the bride and groom that they loved the ceremony and that they had people saying they loved it! In fact, the groom said he had more people complimenting the ceremony than he did saying he looked good! I already had someone asking the bride if she thought I might do his wedding later this year! I can’t thank you enough for the course and the attention to detail you provide. You were truly a godsend! Thank you, thank you!”

— Bruce Montgomery, Father of the Bride


If within 30 days, you or your officiant are unhappy for whatever reason, just email me and you will receive a full refund. I stand behind Unboring!Wedding Academy 100%, and every month I help transform perplexed first-timers into confident masters of the ceremony who get rave reviews.

$597.00 297.00


After purchase you’ll get a gift enrollment link to send to your friend or relative instantly!

6 CLEAR, Easy-to-Follow Steps

30+ TRAINING Videos

6 AWESOME Bonuses

ALL My Scripts & Templates


30 MINUTES of Personal Coaching

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee


$597.00 297.00


After purchase you’ll get your own login link instantly!

6 CLEAR, Easy-to-Follow Steps

30+ TRAINING Videos

6 AWESOME Bonuses

ALL My Scripts & Templates


30 MINUTES of Personal Coaching

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Got questions first? Email me directly at mark@unboringwedding.com.


Won't my friend think it's weird if I buy them a course they gotta take?

Here’s what I know after coaching new and first-time officiants for years. They feel honoured you asked them to officiate, but they’re also panicking. They don’t want to bother you with questions, but they feel kind of alone and lost.

So when you buy them this course, they are elated and instantly relieved. It means they have guidance, guaranteed scripting, and most of all: they feel like you thought they were worth investing in.

Will this course make my officiant legally certified to register weddings in my province or state?

No. While anyone can officiate a wedding ceremony, everywhere is different on the legal end of things. They have to fulfill whatever legal obligations are required of your state or province to register weddings with your local government.

Do they get access to everything all at once or do they have to wait?

No waiting! They get access to everything right away. They can attack the material at any pace they want.

What exactly do I get after purchase?

Great question! As soon as you purchase, you will get a link with code that you can send to your officiant immediately. They will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the entire Unboring!Wedding Academy program. If you decide to purchase for yourself, you get immediate access.

  • Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital so they can login to access the content & download the materials).
  • Content is available in video they can stream, and slides and tools they can download.

Is this course right for them? Meaning, will it "work" for them?

I give them the EXACT blueprint for success and all the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand-holding.

The course is definitely right for them if you’ve asked them to officiate and have no idea where to start or how to put a wedding ceremony together. I give them the EXACT blueprint and show them what to do and how to do it.

How long on average will it take for them to finish the ceremony?

This obviously varies person to person with lots of factors. Everyone works at different speeds!

In a nutshell though: they could use this system to finish your ceremony in about 3-4 weeks if they fast-track it. Comfortably, I teach a 6-week process for creating the perfect ceremony from start to finish.

Now, of course that’s not 6 weeks of straight working on the ceremony! This 6 weeks includes sending a survey to you and waiting a week, and then sending a survey to your friends and family and waiting another week. A lot of the 6 weeks is waiting – they don’t want to be holding your feet to the fire when you’re working so hard spinning so many plates planning your wedding day.

Do they really get lifetime access?

YES! Whoop, whoop! That means never pay again!

Is Unboring!Wedding Academy really step-by-step?

Absolutely! No guesswork. Just follow the system.

How long does it take to go through the course?

Each of the 6 Stages is on average just over an hour, and each Stage contains several “Step” videos on average about 20 minutes each.

They can watch everything before they get started on your ceremony, or they can build your ceremony along as they go, step-by-step.

Mark, what if I want a refund? What's the policy?

So, here is the deal on refunds: I pride myself on a high-quality program that actually works…if they put the work in. Meaning, if they do what I teach, good things happen. If they don’t do it, nothing good happens. If within 30 days, they’re unhappy for whatever reason, just email our customer support and you will receive a full refund. I stand behind Unboring!Wedding Academy 100%.

I have a question, who should I ask?

Email me at mark@unboringwedding.com!

Will they get anything via snail mail?

Nope! Everything takes place online (all digital!) and not only can they login anytime they want (and go at their own pace), they can also download all the tools and take them along wherever.

When I buy the course as a gift, do I get access as well?

The membership and training is just for your friend or family member to access. As part of the training, I teach how they will share with you the relevant script and survey and story so you can collaborate along with them as it comes together.